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Metallic Lustre is a water-based metallic wax that buffs to a brilliant shine. It features highly concentrated pigments and boasts an opaque coverage with only one coat. Metallic Lustre adheres to most absorbent surfaces, as well as metal. Because it's a paste, it allows for more control during application than liquid paint.

  • Dries quickly
  • Water-based
  • Soap and water clean-up
  • Non-toxic
  • Made in the USA

Colors Available

Hepp Betty Betty Pink London London Metallic Lustre comes in 18 bright, opaque colors that offer excellent coverage.

White Frost
Champagne Ice
London Betty London Hepp Pink Betty
Rose Gold
Polished Coral
Fab Fuchsia
Radiant Red
Orange Flicker
Burnished Brass
Betty London Pink Hepp Betty London Gold Rush
Lavish Green
Elegant Emerald
Brilliant Turquoise
Cosmic Blue
Majestic Purple
Iced Espresso
Silver Spark
Black Shimmer

How to Use Metallic Lustre

Apply to surface with soft cloth or sponge. Buff to a brilliant sheen. Seal with Americana DuraClear varnish for added durability and outdoor exposure. Clean up with soap and water.


Pink London Hepp Betty London Betty To achieve optimum performance in application, adherence, and sheen, Metallic Lustre is formulated to be a soft paste. However, it can become more solid over time, depending on the frequency of use and storage conditions. Unlike regular paint, Metallic Lustre can easily be reconstituted or softened with small amounts of water. To extend the shelf life or to create a softer paste, add a few drops of water to the jar and reseal. Let it sit for a few hours or overnight to allow the paste to absorb the water, then stir the paste with a palette knife or plastic knife to ensure that the water is completely re-incorporated. If necessary, repeat this process until Metallic Lustre returns to its original consistency or the consistency you desire.

Betty Pink London London Betty Hepp London Hepp London Betty Betty Pink Tips for Metallic Lustre

When applying to dimensional surfaces, using a small stiff brush or stencil brush will make it easier to get into the crevices.

Use a stencil brush and a swirling motion to stencil metallic designs on project surfaces.

Buffing with a soft cloth increases the sheen.

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Composition :

   Acrylic : 40%

   Nylon : 22%

   Wool : 22%

   Mohair : 13%

   Lycra : 3%

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